What’s the Deal with This Feedback?

Sometimes when I receive a weird offer, I go look at a person’s feedback leaving the offer.  Just to see if they are a person that is impossible to make happy… if you know what I mean.  I received an offer the other day and look at this feedback that is left by this buyer.




Don’t you think it’s weird their feedback goes from ..hhbbb h to just …  Why do you think this buyer leaves this feedback?  Does it have some weird hidden meaning?

Weird Feedback and a Anthropologist named Lawrence Blair

While reviewing my feedback.. I noticed this weird little comment:


Thanks, Met and sat down with Lawrence Blair and wife on our trip.

Which got me thinking.. who the heck is Lawrence Blair and what does he have to do with my item?


After reviewing Dr. Blair’s Wikipedia page, he’s a fascinating guy.  Perhaps the buyer wanted me to know that the bra they purchased ate dinner with one of the great anthropologists and experts on Bali…  OR maybe he’s using the bra I sent the buyer as an eye patch now?  😉  Whatever the reason.  I’m sure it was a fascinating time or it wouldn’t be in my feedback feed right?

eBay + Feedback = I’ve Seen It All

I got up this morning thinking… "I haven't checked my feedback in awhile.."   and look what I found…

a negative that reads: "did not bid on i only made a offer, but was forced to pay"

Seriously?  This is what the feedback system has come to?  re-donkulous! 

I know, I know, it's this wonderful buyer's opinion of the transaction. But I have the power to force a buyer to pay, for their 17.99 offer on a nurse's scrubs?  REALLY?  Since when is an offer not a "bid"?

I contacted eBay Customer Support about it this am.  They don't feel it meets the criteria for feedback removal.. (of course it doesn't)  Let's just leave the DSR 1's there also.. because well, I deserve it.  It's only the buyer's opinion, ruining my business!


Just so you think I didn't make this up.. here's a screen shot.

In a time like this, we must ask ourselves this question: "What would the honey badger do? 

What kind of feedback response would you leave this buyer?

Don't know who the honey badger is?  You can check him out here  (PS it has some foul language but is funny)