First Sunday in June = Dance Recital

Today was the culmination of all the Monday's I sat and waited for my children at dance.. I was suppose to have three children in dance this year, but #5 chickened out. Which is ok. He doesn't have to dance if he doesn't want to. If you would have asked me in September, I would have said #4 would hate dance, and #5 would love it. But it was the opposite


#4 Looking spiffy before the recital.

Before pictures a couple of weeks ago..

Playing Rock Paper Scissors

At the Recital.. it looks like #4 has forgot his tap moves.

Nope! He remembered!

He was looking around the dance line.. to make sure they were moving.

High kicking ballet moves.

#3 was in the second recital. She was in 3 dances; Tap, Ballet & Jazz.

#2 in her "Love Me Do" Tap outfit.

#2 and a few of her friends

At the recital

Part of the Tap Chorus Line

#3's Ballet to "Sail Away"

She's pretty cute..


#3 modeling her Jazz outfit "Video Killed the Radio Star" and #5 looking cute

They sparkled…

And they shined.