Dance, Dance, Dance, Recital!

This year each and every Monday… and each and every Thursday I took these girls to dance. Here's the outcome of all those hours.


#3 and #3.5 in their Tap Dance costumes


They wore these masks for during their tap dance routine.  It was pretty cool.  You can see that dance HERE


 #3 Ballet Dance Costume  You can see the dance HERE


DSC09508#3.5 in her Jazz performance

DSCN7036#3.5 in her Jazz costume   Check her dance out HERE

DSC09535#3 in her Leaps & Turns costume.  You can check out her dance HERE


DSC09504#3 in the opening act.

DSC09495#3.5 in the dressing room

Dance Dance Dance Recital

This was #3's 10th year dancing, and #3.5's first year.  #3.5 wasn't sure if she was going to like dance, but I'm pretty sure after the first week she loved it!  This year the girls helped out back stage at the gymnastics and mini recital, they also helped with set up.  I think they had as much fun doing that as they did dancing!

#3 and #3.5 had their dance recital Saturday night.  Here are some pictures from it…


This was part of a tap dance they did with dancers of all ages and experience levels.


#3.5 in her tap costume.


#3 in her point costume


#3.5 in her jazz costume


#3 in tap




3.5, their dance teacher and #3


Pretty Cute girls huh?


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Dance Recital..

It's been a very frustrating year for dance.  #3 LOVES to dance, and normally she is in 4-6 different dances, but this year the studio that "bought out" the studio, that "bought out" the studio she had danced at her entire life.. could not seem to get their act together. I could write so many things about how horrible this year was.. but that would take away from how beautiful #3 looked.  If one of your children want to dance, check out the studio.  If the owners worry more about their policies than the students.. take them somewhere else.  If the owner talks negative about a parent in front of the students.. take them somewhere else.  We will be going somewhere else next year for sure.

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Isn't she pretty?  (we think so)







Recitals Go Almost as Fast as They Come…

If you’ve been reading my blog for very long you might remember me talking about this dance recital.  If not you can check out those posts: HERE… or  HERE or HERE.

cat in the hat recital

Recital Day Finally came.. and it was FANTABULOUS!  Here’s a look at

what happened  through the eyes of my friend Cody’s camera.

The first recital was the Pre-School through 4th grade dancing.

That includes #4 here.

He danced a ballet to “A Dream is a Wish.”

He tapped his little heart out to “Pocket Full of Sunshine.”

Look at that form! 🙂  He loves to be on stage.. and loves to dance.

Dance recital Pocket full of sunshine

He’s completely oblivious to the fact he’s surrounded by girls.

(Check out the cute puppy dog on the right 🙂 )

He has plenty of time to figure out what girls are… He looks good huh?

The second recital started with #3 performing with the dance team.

So dramatic.. 😉

She danced her ballet to “Starry Starry Night.”

Her Jazz dance was to “Sweet Dreams (are made of this).”

This was my favorite costume.. and maybe my favorite

dance.. except for her solo 🙂

She scooted a boot (or tapped) to “Ain’t Going Down

’til the sun comes up.”  She looked adorable in this costume..

but didn’t like it very much.

Oh No… The Cat is here! This was #3’s solo dance.

She danced to the song “A Day with the Cat in the Hat”, and at the

end her brothers, “Thing 1 and Thing 2” came out and stole the show

did what they do best.

Dancing with her bear.

Twirl.. Twirl.. Twirl

Then out came her brothers!  Here’s Thing 2 aka #5.. riding in

on his tricycle.

Here’s they are doing their “Thing” 😉

I think Thing 1 enjoyed this a little too much!

Until next year…