A watched Freight Truck Never Comes.

If any of my readers are truck drivers.. or work in the trucking industry.. could you tell me why I have such a hard time getting my freight moved from point A to my house?

I ordered a simple pallet of stuff.. and it sat on a dock from Tuesday until Friday.. and it was only when I called and asked where it was.. they went “Hey, you are right! We do have a pallet just sitting here.” They then promised me it would be here Monday, and well you guessed it.. it wasn’t.

It arrived today, (when I wasn’t there), so the Shipping Manager (aka #1) and #2 unloaded the freight, and took these fabulous photos for you. 🙂

Since I have the driveway from hell.. (I believe done on purpose so The Man can live a solitary life)

Here’s the truck sitting on the road.

#1 drove this beauty.. down to meet the Roadway guy.

We call this “the big white truck” (for obvious reasons). It used to be an old mail truck..

Now it’s an old eBay truck.

Here’s the driver and #2 unloading the truck.

#2 moves the junk to the end of the trailer and #1 loads it into “the big white truck”.

Since it was only 1 pallet it took like 10 minutes..

Bye Roadway Guy!.. Until next time 🙂

Now to get it photographed, written up, inventoried, and put on eBay!