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Friday’s To Do..

Tractor Show… That's a big Wheel.

Friday's To Do…

  • Exercise
  • Wrap presents (because I'll SHOULD have a bit of time)
  • clean entryway
  • Write up eBay junk
  • school the monkey's
  • Dinner= Ravioli's with homemade meatballs and sauce…. garlic bread, salad
  • Make plans for Christmas Field Trip for Girl Scouts & Youth Group
  • Clean out the car
  • take exercise thing downstairs
  • put desk and bed on Craigslist
  • plan Confirmation Overnight
  • grade papers
  • Girl Scout Registrations.
  • Pick out sewing project for #3

Friday’s To Do

We are working on putting up Christmas decorations this week. You

know my entryway looks like this photo above.. 😉

Friday's To Do…

  • Clean the house
  • Dinner= Cheeseburgers, french fries, baked beans
  • Christmas decorations
  • School the monkeys
  • Find fabric for #3's Christmas Dress
  • make Dr's appt

Friday To Do’s

cute baby, baby in a hat

This is #4 when he as a baby.. He makes me want to squeeze him!

Friday’s TO Do List..

  • Go to my Mon Ami’s Graduation 🙂
  • Set up her for her graduation party
  • make Dr Appointment
  • Send off Netflix
  • Call about Dance (again)
  • Call the Bimbo’s about new internet access..

Friday’s List.. Not too exciting…

How neat is this? Your child’s thumbprint and birthstone charm.. (only on Etsy)

1.  Sew Sequins and MORE Sequins on so dance costumes

2.  Dinner= I’m not exactly sure.. I might get to have dinner out 🙂

3. Write eBay charity items up

4. Write up a few eBay items for myself

5. Transfer files via FTP for the child…

6. Order Girl Scout patches

7. Fix photos

8. Blog

July 2022
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