A View from Esty’s Handmade Geekery…

I have a love of all things Esty… I love the handmade and vintage stuff there.  I like to think I am a crafty person.. but these people take crafting to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.. If you’ve never been to Etsy.. check it out HERE. They have  some pretty awesome categories over there… my favorite to browse through?  “Geekery”  Here are some of my favorite things in “Geekery”.

starwars, all about dinosaurs,

1. Storm Trooper on His Lunch Break 11×14 print $15.00  Esty artist: lizwill Check it out HERE.

Lost, Darhma

2. Lost Dharma with Lost Numbers iPad Decal $7.99 Esty artist: CraftyGalDecals  Check it out HERE.

rss feed, pillow, rsspillow

3.  Rss Icon Pillow $19.99 Esty artist: Craftsquatch Check it out HERE.

It’s pretty obvious why I chose this.. right?

4. God Save the Queen Union Jack Vintage Bracelet $130.00 by Esty Artist hoolala Check it out HERE.

willie nelson, gourd painting

So when you woke up this morning did you say.. “Hey I want to see

a Willie Nelson gourd painting!”

5. Willie Nelson Gourd Birdhouse $130.00 By Etsy Artist judygrace1 Check it out HERE.

6. Pikachu PikaPika Handmade Adult Hoodie $129.99 by Esty Artist CorsetHoodies Check it out HERE

7. Knitting in Biology 101 Dissected Frog $125.00 by CraftyHedgehog Check it out HERE.

How Much is that Froggie in the Window?

Every summer and spring the frogs hang out on our french doors.

Check out this frogs yellow legs.  Don’t look at my dirty windows.

#3 looks freaked out by the frog… #2 doesn’t care.. he just wants to play Sim City

Pretty Cute.. I don’t want to touch them.. but it’s ok if they eat the bugs OUTSIDE..