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Cool Stuff on Etsy: Back To School Funky USB Flash Drives

I'm mentally preparing for school to start.. wondering if I really bought ALL the school books back in April or May.. so I why not go look at cool stuff on Etsy instead of making sure I have everything ready for school?

usbdrives1Is this cool? I think it's adorable!

8GB USB Drive in a Glass Bottle Beach Theme  SELLS for $35.21 by Etsy Seller JessicasCat Check it out HERE

usbdrives2Oh my goodness #5 would love this!

Ironman 3 Arc Reactor LED Flash 8GB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick Drive USB Flash Drive SELLS for $24.99 by Etsy Seller  Cloud9Tungsten Check it out HERE

usbdrives3I think this is pretty cool.. but a little pricy

Chanel Lipstick USB 16 GB or 32 GB Flash Drive Black and Gold SELLS for 110.10 by Etsy Seller PointsandPlaces Check it out HERE

usbdrives4I'm wondering how fragile this is.

Steampunk Radio Vacuum Tube USB Flash Drive SELLS for 65.00 by Etsy Seller slotzkin Check it out HERE


usbdrives6Nothing says back to school like… Bourbon! 😉

Makers Mark USB Flash Drive 8GB Makers mark Kentucky Bourbon Themed Flash Drive USB  SELLS for 30.00 by Etsy Seller BoozyChristmas  Check it out HERE

usbdrives5This is beautiful!

8GB USB Memory Decorative Keychain SELLS for 33.59 by Etsy Seller Boardaments Check it out HERE

THESE are not USB Drives.. but I love them.


I would love this.. but I don't have a mac…

Macbook Keyboard Stickers Rose Floral Decal  SELLS for 16.00 by etsy seller Kidecals  Check it out HERE

etsywant2I would love to have one of these to give to my friend 🙂

Every Brunette needs a Blonde Best Friend Phone case SELLS for 14.99 by Etsy Seller BFFCase  Check it out HERE 

Etsy + Geekery= Love

Etsy has a category called "Geekery" and I love to browse through it. Here's some of my favorite geeky stuff..

Iron Man 3 Bust Torso Mark XL VII Armor In Stain Glass by Martian Glass Works.  Selling for $2500.00  Check it out HERE 

 QR Code, Geekery, etsy, black and white, knit  blanket

Here's what the seller says about this item: One of a kind! Free shipping! Knit (by a man – not shown) in little squares, then sewn together by hand. A lot of work went into this one.  This blanket is self-describing. The code DOES work! (Try it!) Comes from a smoke free home.

QR Code Blanket by 010011110111001 Selling for $3141.59 Check it out HERE 


Here's what the seller says: This antique typewriter has been modified to work as a USB Keyboard for PC, Mac, or even iPad! That's right — its a beautiful and fully functional computer keyboard! The USB Typewriter can type all letters, numerals, and punctuation marks. It also includes shift, space, and return carriage (which is literally activated by the typewriter's return carriage!). Many non-standard keys, such as F1-F12, esc, ctrl, and so on are available with a special toggle key.  The modification is very clean leaves the typewriter looking, feeling, and working like a regular typewriter — and yes, it still writes beautifully on paper. A beatiful, functional, unique addition to your home office.

USB Typewriter A Computer Keyboard and iPad Dock Royal Model 0 1945 Selling for $799.00 by USBTYPEWRITER  Check it out HERE

These crack me up…

Happy Poo and Toilet Paper Best Friend Charms by The Tiny Kangaroo Selling for 8.99 Check it out HERE


What the Seller says: You knew there was something missing in your life. A certain creepy and odd something, but you don't know what it is… until now. The old nostalgic My Little Pony you had as a kid, now twisted and morphed into an Alien. You are now able to show your soft, sensitive side with an obvious hardcore-ness, too!

This little guy will be hand-crafted by me. My original version was created in 2006. He will stand about 6.25" tall and about 12" long and would love to be added to your collection of awesomely unusual. This is a one of a kind piece that you won't get anywhere.

Take me home with you! You won't regret the consequences. Shipping is on me and if you'd rather have a different custom, please let me know, otherwise, it'll look pretty much like it does pictured. Please allow for 4 weeks for your creation.

Alien My Little Pony custom OOAK by Mrdeadfish Selling for $375.00 Check it out HERE 


Chain Chomp Earrings The original As Seen on G$ AOTS Super Mario Bad Guy Nintendo by Spaztazm  Selling for $8.99 Check it out HERE 


Mythbusters Adam and Jamie Peg People by Randomly Generated  Selling for $30.00 check it out HERE

A Little Geekery Brought to You By Etsy

Sometimes I like to browse Etsy's Geekery category.

goat horns, horns, halloween costumes

Hmm.. I'm not sure what to say about these.. but they are unusual.

Little Faun Prosthetic Horn Costume Set $30.00 by Etsy Seller MetalWaterStudio Check it out HERE

Here’s what the seller says:

These little baby Bacchus-like faun horns are a great addition to any costume piece, convention, celebration or just for fun. They adhere just like prosthetic appliances with a costume or medical adhesive, but are sculpted to look like real horns. You wont find another FX studio that takes the time and technique to bring you one of a kind realistic prosthetics quite like these. Because everything we create is hand made and finished by the MetalWater duo, each piece you buy is always one of a kind.

This is a natural summer faun paint job. **If there is another color scheme you would like us to create for you, just convo us and we would be happy to work with you and your idea for a custom paint or horn design.

labotomy, scar, halloween

I'm getting this for P*tricky and #1 so they can have matching scars 😉

Lobotomy Temporary Tatoo

$5.00 by Etsy Seller Buttonhead Check it out HERE

Here's what the Seller says:

Now you can have the lobotomy you've always wanted!
Size: 4" Each
Quantity: 1 Pack of 2
Includes Easy-to-Follow Instructions.
Supplies Needed: Scissors, Water, a Sponge or Towel, and a Hair Dryer.
Lasts up to a week, but easily removed at any time.
Not intended for use by children under age 12, individuals with sensitive skin, or women who are pregnant or nursing.

How To Apply a Buttonhead Temporary Tattoo Video:

Other Quantities: Yes!
Special Orders: Yes!

This is so unusual.. and really pretty cool.

Wizard Knit Beard Facewarmer $75.00 Check it out HERE

No sage wizard is complete without a super long beard.

Wool/acrylic blend (shown in white) is lovingly knit together into a (functional!) beard. Can be worn at full length or wrapped around the neck for extra warmth. This extra long, cozy beard measures:

*Front: 3.5 FEET (1,0 m)
*Back: 6.0 inches (15,0 cm)
*Width: 8.0 inches (20,3 cm)

Measurements may vary slightly from beard to beard, but are all close to these. All measurements taken while lying flat and this baby stretches to fit. Has yarn ear loops to slip over your ears and hold your faux facial hair in place.
Serves as a great costume piece, conversation starter and neck warmer/Dickie.

Great gift for the man who has everything or for the lady who complains of a cold face. Great for keeping those militant bike riders warm too!

Listing is for one color of your choice. Indicate your color preference in the "Message to seller" section during checkout.

I know some children that would want one of these..

Unique Mario Inspired Hat $34.00 by Etsy Seller theheadsaid. Check it out HERE

Here we have an adult size handmade crocheted character hat inspired by Mario from Mario Brothers video game fame.

This hat is hand crocheted single stitch with double yarn which makes this hat super warm and without holes.
**The Perfect gift for any gamer, Mario or Nintendo fan.

This hat will fit heads up to 21.5 inches around.
That would be a child to pre teen.
I have been crocheting for over 33 years and guarantee all work.

This hat is guaranteed to look great on kids and parents alike.
This hat was created without a pattern which makes this very rare and unique.

These are so beautiful.. I'm just not sure where I would wear them..

Pink Fairy Wing $40.00 by Madamwolf Check them out HERE

These fairy wings are an excellent addition to your costume, they are comfortable and easy to wear. It has light and dark pink ribbon along with white and silver. They have large pink flowers and this pair has silver glitter. The wings are hand painted with silver, dark pink and light pink.

This is a larger pair and are complete with 6 wings, 3 on each side. The wings are 30 inches wide and 25 inches tall. These wings are best suited for teenagers and adults, they will not fit young children comfortably because of their size and weight.

The wings shown have a ribbon harness but now I make the wings with an elastic harness on them. The elastic harness will fit most people but if you think you need a larger size you can inform me and I'll adjust it for you.

A View from Esty’s Handmade Geekery…

I have a love of all things Esty… I love the handmade and vintage stuff there.  I like to think I am a crafty person.. but these people take crafting to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.. If you’ve never been to Etsy.. check it out HERE. They have  some pretty awesome categories over there… my favorite to browse through?  “Geekery”  Here are some of my favorite things in “Geekery”.

starwars, all about dinosaurs,

1. Storm Trooper on His Lunch Break 11×14 print $15.00  Esty artist: lizwill Check it out HERE.

Lost, Darhma

2. Lost Dharma with Lost Numbers iPad Decal $7.99 Esty artist: CraftyGalDecals  Check it out HERE.

rss feed, pillow, rsspillow

3.  Rss Icon Pillow $19.99 Esty artist: Craftsquatch Check it out HERE.

It’s pretty obvious why I chose this.. right?

4. God Save the Queen Union Jack Vintage Bracelet $130.00 by Esty Artist hoolala Check it out HERE.

willie nelson, gourd painting

So when you woke up this morning did you say.. “Hey I want to see

a Willie Nelson gourd painting!”

5. Willie Nelson Gourd Birdhouse $130.00 By Etsy Artist judygrace1 Check it out HERE.

6. Pikachu PikaPika Handmade Adult Hoodie $129.99 by Esty Artist CorsetHoodies Check it out HERE

7. Knitting in Biology 101 Dissected Frog $125.00 by CraftyHedgehog Check it out HERE.

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