Frogs Here and There..

This summer frogs have seemed to take over my life. I’ve had frogs every night on my windows and French doors of my house and then I’ve had these…

Here’s The Man cutting out my frog.

I’m really proud of him.. because he’s not always comfortable working with wood..

(oh.. and nice socks.. you know how I love a man with white socks on)

Here’s one of them cut out..

I painted him green.. and painted the white’s of his eyes.

I guess this would be as good of a time as any to tell you WHY I was making these 4 foot tall frogs.

Our church’s Vacation Bible School’s theme this year was F.R.O.G.G.I.E.

Which stands for Fully Rely on God’s Grace in Everything.

His legs and arms freaked me out a bit.. I wasn’t sure what to do with him..

When I drew him on the wood I was pretty sure of what I was going to do..

but at this point I was not so sure.

He’s pretty cute huh?

Look he has a twin!