A Night at the Auction: April 2nd Edition

Last night was the first auction of the year at Strickers Auction, Gardner Kansas.  Here's some of the stuff I saw.. and bought 🙂

strickers auction, gardner, kansas

Pretty pitcher.

Syrup pitchers  (they had LOTS of these)


Jewel Tea.. This doesn't show the entire collection…

world radio, transister

World Transistor Radio



Chicken or a Rooster.. or something..

I love the blue swirl glasses

I love this pot!

Love these.. but they were so HEAVY.. I had no idea if the man could lift them.

I bought lots-o-junk from here..

A view from my seat.

Flow blue…

There were probably 250+ of these little oil lamps.

You can't really see it.. but there are 2 Vaseline Glass lamps (see the red arrow)  They sold for $325.00.

Stricker's Auction boxes..

Buttons and Bows.. Sold REALLY Well.

This lovely cranberry bowl sold for $185.00

Cool clock.

This is the back of my car… Full to the top 🙂

Saturday Auction Finds…. Part Two

The Man has been to RJ's Auctions in Scranton, Kansas several times.. This was my first time there. I read they had some pallets of stuff there.. I didn't see much of that.. but I did find some interesting things.

Like Strickers Auction in Gardner.. they have an indoor auction and out door auction. I didn't see much I wanted inside.

They had TONS of matting…

See those green glasses? Those are Franciscan Madeira. I wanted those glasses. Unfortunately I was out witted.. I know you are saying.. "Out Witted? Don't you mean outbid?" Not at this auction. You see they don't auction items by the lot or piece. They auction a section of shelving at a time, and it's for choice. So when you bid, you are bidding against someone that might want a box of nails in that section, OR they want your green glasses. I let the bid go for my glasses, because I thought they wanted something else.. when they really wanted my glasses. 🙁

I wanted the brown melmac dishes.. but I was out witted on those too..

"Run out of tussin? Put some water in the bottle, shake it up — mo' tussin!"

You may or may not be a Chris Rock fan.. if you are, you know about "The Tussin" If not.. then I'll just tell you Chris' dad (Julius Rock) thought Robitussin could fix anything.. this auction had a TON of the TUSSIN..

Inside auction..

They have riser seating.

This dude's shirt cracked me up…

Hey.. how about some old soap?

Here's what I got… embroidery pillowcases, silverware, some Disneyland collectibles from the 1960's, games (for the youth room), old rodeo brochures and some art books for #3.