A Night at the Auction: April 2nd Edition

Last night was the first auction of the year at Strickers Auction, Gardner Kansas.  Here's some of the stuff I saw.. and bought 🙂

strickers auction, gardner, kansas

Pretty pitcher.

Syrup pitchers  (they had LOTS of these)


Jewel Tea.. This doesn't show the entire collection…

world radio, transister

World Transistor Radio



Chicken or a Rooster.. or something..

I love the blue swirl glasses

I love this pot!

Love these.. but they were so HEAVY.. I had no idea if the man could lift them.

I bought lots-o-junk from here..

A view from my seat.

Flow blue…

There were probably 250+ of these little oil lamps.

You can't really see it.. but there are 2 Vaseline Glass lamps (see the red arrow)  They sold for $325.00.

Stricker's Auction boxes..

Buttons and Bows.. Sold REALLY Well.

This lovely cranberry bowl sold for $185.00

Cool clock.

This is the back of my car… Full to the top 🙂

Saw and Bought? Strickers Auction

Monday night was auction night at Strickers!

strickers auction, auctions, pickers, eBay queen    

Some outside junk..

American Indian dolls anyone?

Louis L'Amour book lots sold for $9.00 a box.. the bottom of the cart had Vintage "Little Golden Books" each box of those sold for $30.00 each.

I was pretty surprised when these trees sold for 25.00 for 5 of them.

All of the rings sold for $175.00

Homer laughlin eggshell

Homer Laughlin Egg Shell Magnolia Dishes anyone?  Sold $32.00

I wanted this black and yellow "signature" quilt.  I was too lazy to stay and wait for it.

L E Smith Punch bowl

I won this bad boy.. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.. Keep it or sell it.

I wanted those totes.. they were full of  homeschool stuff.  I missed them 🙁

vintage 7 up clock

Hello… 7UP clock

pantaloons, frilly underwear, vintage underwear, lace


Stuff.. and more stuff..

Saturn glasses

I thought these might be Saturn Glass.. but I'm not so sure.

iron bed

Cute iron beds..

box of lightbulbs

box of light bulbs anyone?

How cute is this?

Normally I have a couple of photos of everything I bought.. I forgot to do that this time… It was pretty uneventful haul though.. 🙁


Auction Finds…

Monday I went to Strickers Auction. If you've never been there, it will fascinate you.

They had some really neat bulbs and flowers..

I forgot about these dishes.. and left before they got to them 🙁

See the guy with 109 in his pocket? That's 109.. see the other guy? That's Jerry Stricker.. he owns the place. He auctions the junk outside.

Rows of stuff

I love that first shelf.. but don't have any place for it.. well maybe the school room. I love that yellow lamp but not the shade. The buffet table wanted to come home with me.. but I didn't want The Man to have a cow.

Check out this car.. it's where the clerk sits.. in the heat or a/c. Pretty unique huh?

Here's Ron Stricker.. he auctions on the inside.

Setting up on the inside.

Panara Trash cans anyone?

Here's What I got…

Old Photos and Albums.

**Also under there is some pretty cool boutique purses, and jewelry.

Lenox pieces, new snow globes and other junk..

2 HUGE filing cabinets.. to file eBay junk.

Monday’s To Do..

This pretty much describes how I feel.

Monday's To Do..

  • Write article

  • School the monkey’s

  • Call Forest Park

  • Make list for #1 2 3

  • Dinner= something with hamburger.. (if I don't go to the auction)

  • Write up stuff

  • Force someone to vacuum

  • Clean in box

  • move ferns to the side of house

  • Teach the dog to stop growling/barking at the birds in the backyard (really)

  • Decide if I'm going to this auction