Sunday-Monday To Do List

The Man and #6

Today – tonight's To Do list is gonna be a strange one… We are currently "rooming" in with #6 for the evening. The hospital here would like to see if the Man and I still "got it"… and by 'IT" I mean our parenting skills.

You'd think that the parents of 5 children.. would have learned SOMETHING in the last few years.. but maybe not. Some people would think we don't learn too fast since we are STILL having children…

Tonight #6's nurse said to me; "I'd like to watch you change his diaper and take his temp." I looked around the room and waited for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say: "You've been PUNK'd!" but he didn't.. Did I mention that the nurse was the same age as #1…. ON TO the list..

  • 11:00pm Take temp, change diaper, feed #6
  • 2:00am Take temp, change diaper, feed #6 watch nurse draw blood (I won't be watching..)
  • 5:00am Take temp, change diaper, feed #6
  • 8:00am Take temp, change diaper, feed #6
  • Wait the rest of the day for them to test and approve me as a parent…
  • Remind #1 to remove all animals and sanitize the house
  • #2 should arrive sometime in the early am to ride home with #6 in the backseat.
  • Have #2 run into Target and buy the industrial size bottle of hand sanitizer.. the nurses have scared the poo out of me about germs and babies.
  • Before bringing #6 in the house rub hand sanitizer on everything.