How Much Would YOU Pay for a Hat?

Did you watch that little wedding a few weeks ago? You know.. THIS ONE

royal wedding, princess catherine, prince william

Did you see this hat um.. fascinator .. um hat?

Princess Beatrice auctioned this bad boy off on eBay this last week. Check it out HERE.

Here's what they said in the auction about it…

"A unique sculptural celebratory headpiece in delicate tea rose silk, designed by one of the UK’s most creative and influential milliners Philip Treacy. A truly individual, fun but elegant wedding bow becomes the fascinator form. This statement piece is worn on the front hairline secured by a clear wire headband that is easily disguised by the wearer’s hair. This s a gravity defying hat!"

When it was all said and done.. the hat sold for $131,341.47.All proceeds went to Unicef and Children in Crisis Charities.. Not bad for a funny looking hat!

You might have seen this going around on Facebook.. pretty awesome huh?