Have eBay Buyers Lost their minds?

Sometimes I receive some pretty crazy questions from buyers. I thought I would share a few with you that I’ve received in the last couple of months.

Question: "Can you tell me how much it would be to combine shipping on 2 of these rugs?"

This seems like a logical.. good question right? I offer FREE Shipping on all my items, so combined Free Shipping would still be free… you know 0 + 0 =0

Question: "Would you end this auction early if I pay your ‘Buy it Now’ Price?

I wasn’t sure what to say.. so I told them "Yes, thanks for looking at my auctions."

Question: "Can you tell me how much handling you will charge to ship this item to Alabama? I have had nothing but problems with sellers and thier handling charges."

I let them know that I offer free shipping on all my items; just in case they didn’t read the title ‘NEW Twin Micro Fiber Green Sheet Set Free Ship’

Have you had any crazy questions from buyers?