Partial Refund Irony

I sold an item that I listed as damaged.  It was in the the title, description, and item specifics.  I even had a photo of the damage.  The item retailed for 72.00, and I had it listed for 13.00 with free shipping because of the damage.   The damage was to the side seam of the item.  It needed to be repaired or re-sewn.  The buyer messaged me right after they purchased and asked if I would send their item immediately because they wanted to repair it for a gift.  (We did)

I received this message below from the customer after they received it.

The buyer wants me to give them a partial refund or discount because of the repair.    I immediately saw they had 47K feedback and went to see what they sell and checkout their feedback.

I thought it was pretty funny that one of their negatives was “shirt was torn, the seller did not want to pay damages”.


If you are wondering what I said to the buyer?  “I am so sorry this was not what you expected.  We do have 30 day free returns if you’d like to return this item.”


Have you experienced anything like this?


Crazy eBay Return: “I’ve Been Deceived!”

This is a true return story.  It really did happen.  This lady had a remorse return and because her first email to me was off the charts, I thought I would be smart and save myself time by just having her open a return request and NOT fighting the fact that she did not like the size.  If you chose to read farther down, you will see that it did not save me much time.

I received this message from the buyer… PLEASE Note.. this was their first message to me.

I have been “DECEIVED !” The item is nothing like what I thought is was going to be …true , it is about / almost 20″ tall , but …. 1/2 of that is the STEM ! The lighted area is only , about 8 1/2″ tall ! Needless to say , I am not very happy that this has occurred and look forward to leaving you my “TRUTHFUL FEEDBACK” on this item !
(I have purchased items from you before and was happy with them , now I feel cheated and I think I will no longer deal or purchase from you anymore !)

I apologized and asked them to open a return request.  I uploaded a label to them, and they sent me this message:

she requires a “lidget” one.

I messaged her back the following:

“That is a good label. You need to print it off and attach it to the box. If it prints out large, it is a settings issue.  But don’t worry about that, it happens a lot.  I have attached a photo to show you a return that is sent back using a large printed label.”

She sends back 

“Hey ….just what do you want me to do with this so called “return shipping Label ?” Come on now ….. send me a good & proper one ! Thank you ! (copies of what sent have been printed / downloaded & stored for further use … if needed)”

She sends another message:

“I print your photo off of the download and it prints a full sheet of paper ! I have never gotten a return shipping label like nor have I been treated so rudely by an E-Bay seller !”

BEFORE I can answer that message, she sends another

“Let’s make it happen , I am not happy with this item ! What do we do now ? Let me know !”

And another:

“Hey sendme  alabel. I need a new label this is crazy.  What the h— is wrong with you?”

I respond:

“I know it seems a bit weird, but I promise the label even though it is large it will scan and ship just fine. I am sorry that you are unhappy.  Please take the item to the post office.  If it does not scan in for them I will mail you a new label”

She responds:
“YEA …I AM TRYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Your are going to get some nasty feedback with this one girrl.”

She responds again:

“Tomorrow morning , I will be going to the P.O. , along with you printed out messages / your phone number , messages from E-bay and your PHOTOGRAPH of the return postage label that I , also tried to print out (3-sizes) and see what can be done !

I respond:

“I’m sorry you think I am rude. I have tried to be helpful from the start. There is a glitch in eBay’s returns and on some items it requires me to upload a label instead of eBay giving you a label.  When that happens I have to send a label to you.  The only way for me to do that is to scan or photograph a label email it to myself then upload it to eBay.”

She responds:

“Hope so , I want to be done with this . Too much time has already been wasted on this matter !”




“I , in my life , have never , ever , seen a business (supposedly .. as big as yours) that doesn’t have a SCANNER / included with a printer ! And I know you have a printer for your computer ! “NEVER !”

You can see HOW MANY MESSAGES she sent.. and this is only the first 25.

I respond:

“I am not sure what you mean.  We do have a printer and a scanner, but that will not help when YOUR printer is printing out full size.  I can’t send the label through the mail, as eBay wants me to upload it to the transaction so that you do not have to wait for the label to come in the mail.  The full size label will be fine on the box.  USPS will be able to scan it no problem.  I am so sorry this has been an issue for you.” 

She responds:

“You are out there …girl”


“YEA , SURE ….D— A– ….THE SAME LABEL (here’s the kicker) “AT THE SAME SIZE !” IT’S THE SIZE THAT MATTERS ! (you .. are .. out there) LOL”



I respond:

“I checked the label and see it’s been scanned by the post office yesterday.  Since the label worked, and the package is on it’s way back, I do not see that we need to message about this any further. I will refund your money as soon as it is returned.”

She responds:

“D— A– You REALLY are that and much , much more now I see ! LOL”


“You’re not really TECH savvy , are you ? LOL”


“GIRRRL you are d— LOL”

I respond:

“You’ve been reported to eBay, and blocked from purchasing from us.  Please do not message me again.  I will refund your money once the item arrives”

She Responds:



Oh … one more thing ….. “YOU ARE BLOCKED ALSO !” LOL





“Oh … one more thing ….. “YOU ARE BLOCKED ALSO !” LOL You st_pid witch!”


“Where’s my money?”  The item arrived at your post”


“Thanks for the refund ! It truly was an awful experience dealing with you ! Please take me off your mailing list , I wish not to receive any more catalogs from you , they will only end up in my cats litter box ! A good use for it ! LOL Oh well you know what you are and you will always be that to me ! LOL
Have a good day and thanks again “

One more for good measure:


Dear eBay Buyers: Stop Putting ‘Return to Sender’ on Returns!

I’ve been having a huge number of buyers that want to return their item, and instead of printing a return label off of eBay, or the post office, they put the item back in the package I sent to them, and put “Refused” or “Return to Sender” on my package and label.   I think 10 years ago, this worked.  In today’s USPS, it doesn’t work.  Let me show you why.



I send the item to the buyer on December 31st.  She received it January 4th, realized she purchased the wrong size, and put return to sender on my label and sent it back on January 6th.  If you follow the scans for this package, you can see that as of today, January 21st, it has not arrived, and probably won’t.

I know what you are saying..

Suzie it’s so close to your house! Kansas City Sort Facility is only 70 or so miles from you.”

Here’s why I doubt it will arrive.


Here is another buyer that did the same thing.  It STILL has not cleared the Kansas City Sort Facility.

There are many buyers/sellers complaining about this on the eBay community boards.   eBay requires a buyer to put a new label on the item and will not cover a buyer if they return their item this way.  Check out that policy HERE.

Dear eBay Queen: How Should I Handle a eBay Buyer that Doesn’t Tell the Truth?

Dear eBay Queen:

I need help! I have a customer that is down-right mean! This customer from hell purchased one of my hand made baby blankets. I’ve been making and selling these on eBay, Etsy and Amazon for the last couple of years. I do sell new housewares to supplement my little craft business. I received the following message from my buyer:

I received my baby blanket. It is a lovely weave, but it is not new. I don’t even believe you made it! The blanket has some issues. There is food splatter on it, and it isn’t exactly 36×36, it’s 36.25 x 36. What do you plan on doing about this?

I responded to her:

Could you send me a photo of the food splatter? I did indeed make this, and it does say approximately 36×36 in my listing. I make these and place them in a Tyvek/plastic shipping bag. They are never around food.

She responds:

No I can’t send a photo, I’ve washed the blanket! Just give me my money back, and I’ll send it back to you. I can’t believe with all the problems you’ve caused me, and with that perfect feedback, you’d demand me to send it back.

I responded back:

I don’t want you to be unhappy with your item – it truly is my pattern, and my work. It is hand made. Usually in a situation like this, I would offer a full refund once the item is sent back. Since you washed the item, and now cannot send me a photo of your complaint I do not know what to do. I’ve read the feedback you’ve left for other sellers, and I feel compelled to tell you that eBay might not be the place for you to buy. You seem to have an issue with every seller you purchase from, and they are all similar. It seems there is food, blood, dirt etc on every item you buy. I’m sorry you are unhappy, but in order for me to refund your money, you’ll need to send it back in its unused condition. Since you’ve washed the item, it’s been used.

She responds:

You obviously don’t have the sense God gave a 4 year old. If you’ve seen my feedback you know what’s going to happen to you. PLUS just for you I’m opening up a PayPal case and an eBay case. You’ll get 2 defects and with my negative feedback I’m giving it will be 3. This is how I will single handedly get rid of all of the bad sellers on eBay. So this is your last chance. Are you going to give me my money back or not?

I didn’t respond to her message, and she has opened a case with eBay, but not one with PayPal yet. I have called eBay and they told me it was my choice to do whatever I wanted. Really? What do you think I should do?

The Worst Seller Ever.


Dear Worst:

Your buyer is a bit wacko, “she is going to single handled get rid of bad sellers?” That just leaves me shaking my head.

I checked out your blankets, and read your return policy. I really think your baby blankets and afghans are cute, and reasonably priced. I don’t believe for a second that you sold a blanket with food splatter on it, based on the feedback this woman leaves, which unbelievably, she has said in 12 negative and 8 positive that there was “food spatter” on an item. I’ve been selling and buying for 18 years and have never had that complaint. It is obvious to me she is trying to get something for nothing. I hope when you call eBay that they will see that too.

Your return policy is 30 days. It doesn’t say that the items have to be returned in the same condition or with the tags attached. I don’t know if you will win the Not As Described case because of this. Here’s what I think I would do. I would send a message to the case and say, “I would be happy to refund your money if the item is returned in its unwashed unused condition with my tags attached.” I would then call eBay and ask them if they think her messages are feedback extortion. If they say YES, make sure you get that person’s name and note the time you spoke with them. I would also ask what you should do about the case. If they do not offer any other help, I would wait for the buyer to respond. If she doesn’t respond within 24 hours, I would call eBay again to ask if you have any other options other than accepting the return since your buyer has washed/altered the item. If they do not offer to close the return in you favor, I would accept the return, and wait to get the item back.

If your buyer does not send it back in the 7 day time period call eBay and have the case closed. If they send it back and there is something wrong with it, I would call eBay. I don’t think they will do anything, but you will at least have it on record what she did. The last thing I would do is report this buyer. Report them for feedback extortion; report them for inappropriate returns, and seller abuse.   If she does leave the negative call into eBay to have it removed.


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