Top 5 Ridiculous Things I Want on eBay

While browsing eBay today, which was hard to do since their search function was messed up… \";(\" I found these 5 ridiculous things I would buy on eBay.. if I had the budget of say a small country.

1. Beautiful Colorado Vacation Home 11,000 Square Feet with Panoramic views. How much? $2,250,000.00 eBay item number 120485101619

2. Hermes Birkin Bag Ultra Light Pink Porosus Crocodile Purse eBay item number 350260882151

How much is this fabulous purse? $99,999.88 (it's the .88 cents that will kill you on this deal..

3. 18.84 Caret Yellow Radiant Diamond Ring in Vintage setting. eBay item Number 370282865190

The price for this fabulous ring? $100,000.00. I asked The Man if he would buy me one of these rings.. Know what he said? "I might buy you a ring, but it's not going to be a $100K ring. We couldn't take you in public! Somebody would cut your arm off for that."

4. Inflatable Spiderman Multi-game Island & Slide. I think I would need one of these for the new house in

Colorado. This bad boy sells for $3100.00 This is eBay item number 310156842793

5. New Nikon D3 Digital camera + 7 lens and bonus bag. Asking Price? $10,199.01. eBay Item number: