Top Halloween Costumes on eBay 2013


Predator AVP Aliens Halloween Horror Costume Prop or Display SOLD $3550.00 by eBay Seller vinmanmac check it out HERE


Amazing Spiderman suit 3D painted, Spider-man Halloween Costume Prop Replica SOLD 1700.00 by eBay Seller sousmarinmodelereduit Check it out HERE


Donnie Dark Skelton Suit Halloween Costume Cobra kai X54 SOLD 1,400.00 by eBay Seller wyco_vintage Check it out HERE


Ghostbuster Proton Pack Prop Reproduction Halloween Costume SOLD $1400.00 by eBay Seller Halloween_Addict Check it out HERE 


Rare Vintage Kool Aid man Promotional Advertising Corporate Costume Halloween SOLD  $1,200.00 by eBay Seller alohaelvis78 Check it out HERE

Top 5 Ridiculous Things I Want on eBay

While browsing eBay today, which was hard to do since their search function was messed up… \";(\" I found these 5 ridiculous things I would buy on eBay.. if I had the budget of say a small country.

1. Beautiful Colorado Vacation Home 11,000 Square Feet with Panoramic views. How much? $2,250,000.00 eBay item number 120485101619

2. Hermes Birkin Bag Ultra Light Pink Porosus Crocodile Purse eBay item number 350260882151

How much is this fabulous purse? $99,999.88 (it's the .88 cents that will kill you on this deal..

3. 18.84 Caret Yellow Radiant Diamond Ring in Vintage setting. eBay item Number 370282865190

The price for this fabulous ring? $100,000.00. I asked The Man if he would buy me one of these rings.. Know what he said? "I might buy you a ring, but it's not going to be a $100K ring. We couldn't take you in public! Somebody would cut your arm off for that."

4. Inflatable Spiderman Multi-game Island & Slide. I think I would need one of these for the new house in

Colorado. This bad boy sells for $3100.00 This is eBay item number 310156842793

5. New Nikon D3 Digital camera + 7 lens and bonus bag. Asking Price? $10,199.01. eBay Item number:


Crafts Can Keep Kids Busy for a Minute or Two..

#5 LOVES super heros. You know Batman, Spiderman, Transformers, Ben 10 etc.. I bought him a Halloween beaded necklace at Michaels today.

Here he is in his transformers t-shirt with is Ben 10 alien catcher watch on.

He strung the beads this way

He strung them that way.

He didn’t like this pattern.

After several attempts he finally made one he liked.

Cute huh? and only $1.00!

Nice Bat Necklace #5!

eBay Can Make a 4 Year Old Very Happy

Number 5 loves Spiderman. When we found these Marvel Super Heros Squad figures, he went crazy. The first one I bought him was Spiderman.

You couldn’t tell that he loves Spiderman could you? He wanted the Green Goblin, he pretends his dad (The Man) is the Green Goblin. We couldn’t find the evil green guy ANYWHERE.. until we looked on eBay. It came today, and he’s one happy kid (if you couldn’t tell).