Suzie! Make me a Sandwich!

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This is #5.  He is 6 years old.. he has the biggest brown eyes and the longest eyelashes. ( I love that he looks slightly ornery with his new missing tooth.)  He has spent the majority of his life as the baby until 9 months ago when this kid came along.


Now he's the baby.  #5 has been struggling for his new place in the family.. as the used-to-be baby.  On his road to becoming a big kid, he asked if he could make himself a sandwich. I said sure, and he went to the kitchen to make it.  

When the word "sandwich" is mentioned I think of this Hey Arnold:

Suzie! Make me a sandwich!


I thought he would come back with a peanut butter and jelly.  Or maybe a ham sandwich with mayo and mustard.  He didn't do any of those. 

He made a ketchup and dill pickle sandwich.  GROSS.  I watched him.. and he ate EVERY BITE. ewww…  Double points on the cute Winter-y plate too!

In Remembrance of Valentine’s Day…

I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day.  Some people on Facebook are having some kind “Valentine” Week profile picture thing.   Here’s the low down..

“Celebrate Valentines Day! Change your Profile Picture to you and your significant other and make sure to tell how long you’ve been together! Copy and Paste this to your profile.”

This got me thinking should I change my profile picture?  The Man and I have a few photo of us together.

We have this one where it looks like he can’t believe he brought me to the party.

Then there is this one..

In this one I’ve drugged him.. and thought it would be cute to take our photo together.

Given those choices.. I guess we should try the couples we are most like.

We have Arnold and Helga.  You know from the TV Show “Hey Arnold”?

How are we like them? He’s really smart.. and I have a uni brow 😉  Oh..

and have you met Bessie and the 5 avengers?

Here’s The Man’s favorite.. Lisa  and Oliver.  We are a bit like them. The man

thinks he’s a farmer… and I think I’m a socialite 😉

We are a little like Jeanie and “Master” from I Dream of Jeanie.

Only because I wear “harem” pants around the house… and when

he asks me to do something I always say; “Yes Master”.

Then we have Rob and Laura from the Dick Van Dyke Show.

The Man always trips over the ottoman nintendo when he comes

home and I love to whine at him… Oh ROOOBBB!

Moonlighting.. I guess we aren’t like these two at all.. But I’d like

for us to have a picture like this …

Instead we have photos like this.. where he comes in and takes bites of my food…

and we tussle.  So I guess this photo best represents us.. ..  Romantic.. isn’t it?