Suzie! Make me a Sandwich!

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This is #5.  He is 6 years old.. he has the biggest brown eyes and the longest eyelashes. ( I love that he looks slightly ornery with his new missing tooth.)  He has spent the majority of his life as the baby until 9 months ago when this kid came along.


Now he's the baby.  #5 has been struggling for his new place in the family.. as the used-to-be baby.  On his road to becoming a big kid, he asked if he could make himself a sandwich. I said sure, and he went to the kitchen to make it.  

When the word "sandwich" is mentioned I think of this Hey Arnold:

Suzie! Make me a sandwich!


I thought he would come back with a peanut butter and jelly.  Or maybe a ham sandwich with mayo and mustard.  He didn't do any of those. 

He made a ketchup and dill pickle sandwich.  GROSS.  I watched him.. and he ate EVERY BITE. ewww…  Double points on the cute Winter-y plate too!