Thursday’s To Do..

It's that time of year when I start thinking about sewing.. Easter stuff.

Thursday's To Do..

  • School the Monkey's
  • Work on Mission Trip
  • Appt at 1:00pm
  • Drop highchairs off at the church
  • Clean the house
  • Easter clothes?
  • Dinner= Chili Mac… (We didn't have this last week.. so it's back in the line up)
  • Plan Sunrise Service
  • Books for next year?
  • Tire for jogging stroller
  • School room…

Inner Peace or Lotus Focus… Anyway you look at it.. It’s cute!

When it’s cold and gross out like it is now, we like to do a little

Wii Fit for our homeschool PE classes.  This morning I notice

#5 doing this on the Wii Balance Board.

I’m not sure how he thought this pose was the correct

one when doing this game.. but it certainly is funny.

The point of of Lotus Focus.. is to remain perfectly still

while sitting on the balance board.  Your candle will flicker

if you move.. if you move too much your candle will go out

and you will lose.

You can do it #5.. focus..

You have a ways to go before you beat your mother at inner peace!

(Take that doubting husband.. he thinks I’m high strung.. what does he

know.. the Wii says I’m not!)

Why I’m not Crazy about Labor Day..

I have nothing against Labor Unions or Labor Day it’s self. I mean who wouldn’t like a Monday off? Labor Day always means something different to me. It’s the start of all the back to school stuff for me. If you read my blog you know I home school, and started school REALLY late (for me) this year (mid August). The week following Labor Day is so jammed pack full of stuff it makes my head spin! Here’s what I go going on..


8:30AM Try to figure out what to make in the crock pot.

9:00-2:30 School with those kids I love… In my down time during school.. try to write a few things up for eBay and blog.

2:30-3:45 Clean & Pick up. Get #4 ready for his first dance class of the year. Argue with #2, 3 & 5 about how they are NOT going with me to take #4 to dance

3:45-4:15 Drive to town, solve the problems of the world with #4.

4:15-5:15 Catch up on email and fix photos (Dance place has free wifi).

5:15-5:45 Get Ice and head home to serve dinner from the crock pot and get children ready for bed.


8:30AM Ask #1 what we are making for Pot Luck.. then forget to follow up

9:00-2:30 School with those kids.. sneak in a little eBay and blogging

2:30-3:00 Realize WE STILL have not made up our minds what to take for potluck. As #1 again if she has any ideas. Try to pickup the house and get my Youth Group stuff ready to go.

4:00-4:45 Get myself and children ready for potluck, W.O.W. and Youth Group. Answer Text messages about when I’ll be picking youth up to take them to the above mentioned church functions.

4:50 Realize that I yet again dropped the ball and forgot to make anything for potluck. Look at myself in the mirror, shake my head promising myself I’ll do better next week. Tell my children fifty times; "you have 3 minutes to get in the car".

4:54-5:25 Go Pick up fried chicken at Country Mart to take to pot luck

5:40 Drop my children off at the church and go pick up youth group kids that don’t have rides.

5:59-6:40 Arrive back at the church (just in time for Potluck). Eat

6:40-7:45 Youth Group.. (the best part of my Wednesdays)

8:15.. Home


8:30AM Try to figure out what to make in the crock pot.

9:00-1:00 School with those kids I love… In my down time during school.. try to write a few things up for eBay and blog.

1:00-1:30 Get ready to leave for Girl Scouts. It’s the first Meeting of the year. My troop will have Brownies, Juniors and Cadets this year.

1:30-2:40 Go by snacks for Girl Scouts pick up anything else I need for our first meeting.

2:40-5:30 Set Up and have meeting and clean up

5:00 I have to ask Shot Gun Mama to take #3 to dance. This will be her first Dance classes of the school year. She’s taking tap, ballet and jazz.

5:30-8:00 Wait for #3 while she is a dance.. fix photos and catch up on the blog.

8:30 Home to make sure everyone has eaten.. and then get them ready for bed 🙂

This coming week makes me crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How much do you know about why we celebrate Labor day? Test yourself