Inner Peace or Lotus Focus… Anyway you look at it.. It’s cute!

When it’s cold and gross out like it is now, we like to do a little

Wii Fit for our homeschool PE classes.  This morning I notice

#5 doing this on the Wii Balance Board.

I’m not sure how he thought this pose was the correct

one when doing this game.. but it certainly is funny.

The point of of Lotus Focus.. is to remain perfectly still

while sitting on the balance board.  Your candle will flicker

if you move.. if you move too much your candle will go out

and you will lose.

You can do it #5.. focus..

You have a ways to go before you beat your mother at inner peace!

(Take that doubting husband.. he thinks I’m high strung.. what does he

know.. the Wii says I’m not!)