I know it’s June.. But The Bugs are taking over my House

I came home the other night to this…

I’ve never seen this many june bugs. When I think of june bugs.. I thnk of my mother, and her mother.

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to tell this story of a girl she went to school with named

Ima June Bug… BUT my favorite story was the one she told about my mother and the june bug.

When my mother was a little girl, she had to sleep on the floor because company was there or something…

When she woke up the next morning she screamed in pain every time she moved her head.

My grandmother couldn’t figure out what was wrong, she shined a flashlight in my mother’s ear and

one of these crawled out. My mother and I haven’t spoke in 4 years, but I remember that

story from my childhood about my mother as a child and it makes me smile. I feel like I some how

got a small glimpse into who she was as a child. Funny how little things like a june bug could make

you miss someone.