It’s the Venti things in Life that Make Me Happy..

Back in July we walked into Starbucks and found the new insulated tumblers that look like the Starbucks cold drink glasses. I use that glass every day. I love it. Here’s that blog. I only wish it were a Venti and not a Grande. Venti is the Large 20oz and Grande is the Medium 16 oz. Imagine my surprise to walk in to Starbucks only to find they have CHRISTMAS insulated tumblers!

It’s a Venti.. (the biggest size)

I was so excited when I saw this.. I almost kissed the

Barista. It’s weird how little things like this can

make a girl happy.

Back in Spring/Summer

these bad boys (with the green straw) were selling

for around $80.00 each on eBay! The current

Christmas cup is all over the place in price.

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