Here’s Something to Sell on eBay..

A few years ago I  bought this at a local charity thrift store.  I think I paid .25 cents for it.

It is Estee Lauder Private Collection Body Powder.  It sold (to someone in Dubi) for $179.00.

The economy has changed, and I wondered what scented body powder is selling for currently…

I found some of the same powder on eBay just sold for $59.99

Check it out HERE.

I used to wear this perfume.  I even had some of this body powder.

Anais Anais Perfume Body Powder Sold $140.00

Vintage Lou Lou Dusting Powder Sold 72.00

Vintage Chanel No 5 Dusting Powder Sold $52.00

The Man bought me Calvin Klein’s Euphoria a few years ago.  I would have never picked it out for myself… but I like it.  I wonder if they make body powder for it?  So here’s my question.. Do you use body powder?  and What kind of perfume do YOU wear?