It’s COLD outside.. and YOU need a Quilt!

I love quilts.   My love for them started when I was little.  My grandmother had a couple quilts here and there.  I wish I would have asked her about them.  About a year into selling stuff on eBay I wanted to sell just quilts.  We are suppose to get 6″ to 8″ of snow tomorrow.  It’s a great time to look at quilts!

1. Historical Antique Circus Quilt See it HERE.  I love this quilts colors!  It has quite the history too!  This quilt is made from velvet scraps from Barnum and Baily’s Circus costumes. The pattern is a Lone Star.

2. 1850’s Princess Feather Quilt See it HERE.  This quilt is an applique.  The red and green “feathers” are appliqued or sewn onto the white fabric.

3. 1880’s Irish Chain Quilt.  See it HERE. The colors of this quilt would look really good in my home.

4. Antique Star Quilt 1890’s. See it HERE.  Holy Smokes.. this quilt is pretty fabulous.. I love the dark green background and the calico fabric  that was used.

5. 1930’s Marie Webster Tulip Quilt. See it HERE. #1 would love this quilt.  The pastel colors.. the applique is fabulous!  The quilting is awesome!