Easter Reflections


The family (AFTER) the Sunrise service and before the regular service..

Do they look tired?

Here's a little Easter game for you.. which kid DOES NOT  have the

same last name as the others..

It couldn't have been a more beautiful morning to have

a Easter Sunrise Service.  The weather was perfect.. breakfast

was awesome.. but you should know NONE of us are morning

people.  Here's #3 showing she can keep her eyes open.

After church the Easter Bunny showed up..

(I will tell you sometime soon how I got this kid in a bunny outfit..)

The bunny left us LOTS of eggs.. #5 needs a longer reach…

Some kid thought it would be more fun to swing.

#4 had a great time finding his eggs.


Happy Easter from the freak shows!

American Girl Fashion Show.. comes to Overland Park, Kansas

I went with #3 to the American Girl Fashion Show put on by the Junior League.

#3 is in the middle.. she went with her 3 friends.

#3 and her doll in their matching outfits.

Here she’s feeding some lunch meat to her doll. Notice her doll is in

it’s own super cool chair.

During the intermission of the show we checked out the dolls they had up

for a raffle. This is the new doll her name is Rebecca Rubin. I think she’s from

1914 or somewhere close to that..

A just like you doll with all the hair accessories.

Here’s #5 with her favorite doll up for raffle.

Here’s a better look at the doll seat. Pretty nifty huh? Wish I had one of those

when I was a kid.

Here are the girls 3 dolls. Looking FABULOUS!

The girls at the table with their dolls.

A little pink juice in a champange glass.

We went shopping and hung out at Starbucks after the Fashion Show.

Who knew a Fashion Show would wear them out?