You may have noticed.. but I've not been blogging much lately.  I have some good excuses…

  1. I spent most of last week at a HUGE sale… which means I was gone from home for several days.. (no blogging)  When I was home my children kind of demanded I pay attention to them.
  2. When I wasn't paying attention to my children, I was fixing photos that #1 took, and  trying to write as much stuff up as I could to list it.
  3. Dinner.. those people ALL want to eat!
  4. I moved all my data from one computer to a "new to me" computer. (no pictures)
  5. I couldn't find my cord for my camera.
  6. I was exhausted because I waited in long lines at the crack of dawn to get into the "big sale"

Those are good one's right?  If not please accept my photo of #6 with a pudding mustache as an apology. 😉