Pinterest February Photo Challenge Day 1: My View

I'm taking the Pinterest Photo a Day Challenge.  Today's Photo is "MY VIEW".. I thought maybe I'd take a view from our front porch… then I thought maybe I'd just take a view of what I can see where I am sitting.  The view from my front porch is better than this..

Here's what's in front of me.  My laptop, sunglasses, scissors, birthday card, iced tea (not much ice in it), Star Wars light up candy light sabers, #4's MP# player, USB Cord, back scratcher, and my Chumby (that needs a new plug)

To the right of me is this kid #5.  He woke up last night not feeling so good.

To the left of me is this kid.. #2.. He's working.  Please ignore the mess behind him AND that we have not taken all of our Christmas junk down.  Most of it is down.. we just have a few stragglers here and there.