Tamale Fundraiser = Success / Photo Taking = Failure

I was a bit nervous.. I have done some insane things before..

Planned a 2 day Literature Festival with 16 authors and illustrators, Homeschooled obnoxious unruly children, told my husband I wanted 8 children.. drove across the country to follow a man oops.. make that a boy.

But I have never attempted to make dinner for 200 people.

I had lots of help. The entire youth group from our church and the Christian Education team helped… but I was a ball of nerves.

I showed up a bit late to church with 400 tamales, sour cream, 10lbs of taco meat, 5lbs of cheese, 8 tomatoes diced and 3 crock pots. I had planed on being there around 9:45AM.. but I didn’t get there until 10:00AM. I don’t know what I was thinking! I had to get all the tamales heated up and the rice, beans, taco meat etc.. heated!

We plugged the of the stuff in to heat it up.. and we blew a fuse or SOMETHING… none of the plugs worked on the entire wall. We ended up plugging stuff in on the other side of the room and once church was over, moving it to the "Right" side of the room.

Even with all the strange problems, I am happy to report the fundraiser was a success. The Tamales, were heated and the taco bar was hot & cold in the right spots.

Because of all this stuff.. I forgot to take a SINGLE PHOTO! There should be photos of my documented day.. oh well.. there’s always next year. 😉