Today's the day.  It's a day that feels like every other Monday… but there is something totally different about it. I have nothing… NOTHING.. nOtHiNg to do. Well, that's not exactly true.. but I have no where I have to go and no place I have to be. This is a flippin' miracle. I can't remember the last time I had a day like this.  It's only the start of July, but I've had a very full May and June.

I know I made my to do list already… but I'm thinking about just laying on my sofa and looking at the ceiling.

ceilingIt seems like a nice enough view 🙂

The One about My Day..

1:15 am: Woke up with hacking cough.. Then said cough woke up #6. But neither the cough or the baby woke up The Man.

1:22 am: Got #6 back to sleep.. looked for remote..

1:28 am: Remembered that #4 hid the remote (that goes to the TV in my bedroom) from #5 and decide I'll go to sleep listening to the infomercial about some jeans I can sleep in or something.

Yes I have a TV in my bedroom.. don't tell my mother.

4:30 am: #6 wakes again

6:45 am: #2 comes in to tell me we need to leave.. 10 minutes ago if we are going to be first in line to get the good junk.

7:00 am: Leave and head out to the sale and errands I need to run. Wonder if I have enough time to get breakfast before the sale. (I don't)


 first in line

#2 very happy he's the first in line! That kids mom should cut his hair!

7:30 am: FIRST in LINE at Sale buy some junk to sell.
8:45 am Breakfast and Grocery Shopping

Entry way…

10:00 am  Unload the car.. realize that my entryway looks like a box company threw up in there.

10:00:15 am: Remember I have company staying over this weekend and allow my mind to race.. to try to figure out what to do to make my house look better than my entryway.

10:00:25 am: Remember that I am responsible for feeding the little kids at this weekend's "Art of Marriage" weekend at our church.

chicken noodles

Chicken and Noodle's

10:30 am: Make Chicken and Noodles (for tomorrows lunch). Cook sausage patties for tonight's "breakfast for dinner" for the kids at church.

11:00 am: Remember that I need to try to make my house look like company is coming over,  force children to clean.

11:00:25 am: Bribe children with Hostess products and Transformer Movie (that came out today on DVD) if they pick up.

11:01 am: While the children are picking I remember I bought some cute little sparkly doo-dad's to put in a glass jar I have.

sparkly green jar and balls

Wish I had more doo-dad's to fill this jar.

glitter skeleton

11:02 am: Realize that sparkly doo-dad's are not doo dad's.. but SKELETONS!  Nothing like a glitter skeleton to say "Welcome to our home.  Come in, relax! Don't worry we won't go all "Criminal Minds or Dexter on you!"

fall bounty

11:03 am:  Realize I could make a little "Fall Harvest" centerpiece on the island in the kitchen.  THAT says "Welcome" right?

donut display

11:07 am: #2 mocks my display of Fall, and #1 says: "What's with the Fall, we are CHRISTMAS people."  I take my grocery store donuts out of the box and display them on a cake plate..  Store bought DONUTS for breakfast are welcoming RIGHT?

11:08 am: I make sure the kids are still cleaning and then #6 starts making those "I'm hungry" noises.

baby.. content

#6 with a cookie. 

Sometimes when he wakes me up a couple a times a night, I think maybe I'll let the dog take care of him.  Then he looks at me and I think.. He so stink' cute, I'll give him a cookie to tide him over.

baby feeding dog, baby and his puppy

#6 giving his puppy the cookie.

Then the starving baby gives the cookie to the dog!

11:15 am: I sit down to write a few things up, and remember that I have not done school today.  Friday's are normally light days at our humble school.. but I haven't even thought about giving them a spelling test.. I haven't even walked up to the school room to see what I wrote down to do today. 

I resolve that we will do Friday's school on Sunday afternoon. (Dad will be here.. and no one will give me any grief when The Man is home. 🙂 Just one of the many things I love about him.

11:18 am: I ask #1 if she'll take a few pictures for me. Then I tell her to forget about it because she's wearing her TASKMASTER hat helmet and making all the other monkey's clean.

11:19 am: Facebook has called my name.

11:20 am: I've got to get a few things written up! 

11:39 am: Did I do any Follow Friday's on Twitter?

11:43 am: Write up some more junk.

12:01 pm: I need some iced tea.  I wonder if I can get a kid to make me some? I then realize if I ask a monkey to do it, I will stop their cleaning momentum.

hungry kid

12:02 pm: I go in the kitchen and see this kid. He informs me he is S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G, and it is WAY past his lunch time. "Can he have a Ho-Ho?" Once he says starving, the rest of the vultures (with their keen sense of hearing) decide they are hungry too.

12:03 pm: Ask #1 to make lunch and #3 to feed #6 so that I can get some of the junk written up.

12:04 pm: I check Facebook to see if anything cool has happened in the last 12 seconds.

12:05 pm: The Man calls.  I whine to him about how I've done nothing today. We have whitty banner about this weekend, and "did I get any good stuff at the sale."

definition of whitty: An awful attempt at commenting on something in order to sound clever.  (this my life in a nutshell)

12:09 pm: I realize I haven't written a blog today… and  here we are.

** No children were harmed in the making of this blog.. all children have been feed, including the dog.

** The entryway still looks the way it did at 10:00 am. My guests will now know how I really live.  If they give me any grief, facebook, tweet or blog about it.. I'll feed them to the glittery skeletons.

** Just Kidding

** Kinda

Guy Fieri… Celebrity Sighting

I’m sure no one would believe this.. but my houseful of children is not always quiet. Sometimes I feel the need to go somewhere in order to get something done. I headed out to Panera Bread in Olathe, Kansas…

guy fieri, celebrity spotting

So I was driving along.. and saw this:

If you watch Food Network.. he might look familiar to you.

So do you think it’s Guy Fieri? The Man says no.. what would he be doing in Olathe KS… But I say there are plenty of Diners and Dives there!