What’s Your Office Look Like?

One question I get asked a lot… Where do you work on eBay stuff? 

I use to work in my basement.  The basement and I had a great relationship until I had child number 4.  That kid really messed everything up.  Like most basements.. ours is a bit cold, and is not finished.  Babies don’t adapt well concrete floors and eBay stuff  to get into at every turn.  

                                                                            My eBay desk when it was in the basement.

So.. we adapted.  I would have him in a baby sling, or the shipping manager would carry him around on her back.


When that didn’t work.. we tried to get him to model the product…



When that didn’t work.. I’d put him in lock down..

                                                                                  Look at that face… he didn’t like the playpen

We even hired a babysitter.. but he didn’t have thumbs, so we had to let him go. (We didn’t let the dog go.. we love him)


The Man finally gave in**, and I started putting things in rubbermaid totes and working from the family room.  I used a laptop and and the "remote desktop connection."  I would connect to the computer in the basement and write my items up, then have the shipping manager take the totes downstairs and put the stuff away.  (that shipping manager is such a nice girl)  It made my family room a little messy, but made my children so much happier.  I miss my desk, and a place to keep my paperwork.. Sometimes my family room is a bit overrun with paper and eBay stuff.

It’s been about 4 years, and I’ve been happily working in the family room since. Some days I work on eBay stuff in the school room.. but that’s a whole different topic….

**The Man has a love/hate relationship with eBay junk.  He loves the money but hates the junk.. you know the stuff  being upstairs.  Someday I’ll show you what it looks like before he get’s home…