Rummage Sale!

Sacred Heart Catholic Church has a rummage sale twice a year.  We went to one in the spring and got a few good things… Here's what happened at this one.

We were first in line 🙂  Which usually means a good thing.. but sometimes there isn't a lot there.. so it doesn't matter where you are in line. 🙂

It appears these 3 got the memo to match today.

Curly Joe.. aka #6 did not get the matching clothing memo.

The line was getting long…

#5 was getting hot…

#3.5 sitting with some of our junk..

Overview of the sale.

Here we are with some of our stuff..

More of what I bought.. Not a lot of junk.. but a few things 🙂

Garage Sale Super Models…

Today was Garage Sale Day in Ottawa, Kansas.  Usually we find some great stuff.  Today there were WHOLE STREETS without a single sale… What's this world coming too? (I did find a few things that I'll blog about later)  So what's an eBay Queen and her minion to do?  Pretend  the minion are super models..

#3 and #3.5

I wonder if she planned her outfit because she knew we would find some red suitcases?



3.5 is singing  "Chicago" right about now..


See you later ladies!