It’s Parent’s Day at Dance


Parent's Day at Dance…


Child #3 is my kid.. (the only one with brown eyes) and is really my #3 This is her Tap Costume

The sound of that makes me groan. It's not because I don't like seeing my kids in their dance costumes or watching them shake their booties.. It's more because I get to sit in a crowd of parents where I'm 8-10 years older than most of the parents.. that are there.  This freaks me out.  Now you should know MOST of the people that kid #3 is in class with are my age.. some are younger. But in #4's class that is a completely different story.  I'm like a grandma in that class!


So the only boy in this picture is my #4.  He's 6, and LOVES his dance class.  He doesn't care about the girls.. he just likes to dance

I'm really not old enough to be a Grandma.  But as I sat there in that dance room it hit me.. I'm old. I need to exercise.. I need to do something so I don't look so dang old.  Besides radical surgery do you have any suggestions?

So enough about me.. let's talk about those kids..

#4 he's cute huh?  I should tell you he does not have on his entire costume.  Only part of it came in.  He is missing his pink and white polka dot tie, and black pants.  He'll look pretty sharp huh?  He has two classes, ballet and tap.  He's always gone with me when I took #3 to her dance classes, and he wanted to do it.  So I finally enrolled him.  I thought he would give up after a couple of weeks, but he really loves going.


Here's Miss #3. in her ballet outfit..

Here's #3 and #5.. She's in her Jazz outfit and "pose".. #5 Refused to be in dance.. he quit after his 2nd week.