Parking Garage, Smarking Garage or the One About the Parking Ticket

compact car only


This particular sign is bolted to a wall in a parking garage in Leawood, Kansas.  I've never seen this sign before… until now.  I've probably parked in this garage once or twice a month for the last year or so.  The main level of this garage is apparently "compact car only". (Which I never knew)  BUT  on the upper level of the garage *ANY * car can park there. 

In my defense, the upper level has a clearance of 6'1".. My lovely 8 passenger vehicle is just slightly taller than that. 

I've ALWAYS parked on the main (lower level) of this garage.. because of the clearance issue.  I even blogged about it HERE.

Here's a photo of what happens when you drive a car into a parking garage

that doesn't have the right height clearance. 

Apparently you can't park on the main level.. because you'll get one of these.


This is my car… and my stroller. That white thing on the wall is the "sign". You can see my car is parked in the lines with room to spare on this side.

This is my car.. #1 and #3 with my stroller.  You can see I am CLEARLY between the compact car lines here.. and if you the car next to me.. that's not a compact car EITHER.

Dang parking tickets!

By the way #1's shirt reads: "I heart boys that recycle".  She likes the shirt, but thinks she's too old to wear a shirt advertising for a "boy".  I try to tell her they are all boys, but she doesn't believe me.  Just wait #1… you'll figure it out someday.