Summer 2020 Update

This is Ike.  He is our pandemic puppy, that is getting quite large.  He lays on the ottoman, which makes the cats made, because that is where they like to lay.  I would give it a couple of months and he will be too big for the ottoman.


This is Ike and #6.  Ike loves to read with his boy.


The Man was home for almost 100 days.  He did what all men with 40 acres have wanted to do if they didn’t have a job.. He made a garden.




I couldn’t get a pedicure for well.. months and one of my children offered to try HIS hand at it.


My gladiolus bloomed for the first time ever!


We found a snake in our house.  That’s #4.  He’s looking cute huh?


This summer is weird, but I have spent it with the people I love.