Refund Request emails are Wonky OR eBay Demands Perfection But Doesn’t Give it..

If you sell on eBay, you may have noticed the double standards that seem to abound there with this new defect program. Yesterday I received a refund request email.


You'll notice in the email it says "seller pays" return shipping.  I am NOT opted into managed returns, so I wasn't sure why I received an email saying *I* was responsible for return shipping. I called eBay, and the customer service rep told me (after checking my account) that it was just an "error in the email, and that eBay hasn't had the opportunity to change the language around in the new after the sale program they are rolling out."


The reason I am not enrolled in managed returns, is because of the way *this* very buyer handled this.  The item doesn't fit her, so she has claimed it is the "wrong size", which means I receive a defect and if enrolled in managed returns it means I pay for return shipping.