I take my Photos at Night.. So no one sees…

I’m not going all goth (or is it emo? ) on anyone.. but I really love to take photos at night. It started a couple of years ago, right after I received my camera. I took a few photos just for fun of my kids in the dark.. Anyone who has read my blog knows I’m not a photographer… but I love the way these photos look.

This photo was taken of #5 on the 4th of July two years ago.

#1 looking like she’s ready to say something prolific.

When I take these, I just point in the direction the people are… and have the flash on.

Sometimes they look really neat, other times funny.. and sometimes just bad.

She could be praying that I don’t take her photo.. or she might be asleep.

#3 looks abused in this photo.. but she really just got done yelling at #2.

Here’s #3 and her Best Friend. They are pretty cute huh?

I love the way the black surrounds the photo and just lights them up.

There is probably a special name for this.. but as I said.. I’m not a photographer.

Here’s #1, #4, #5..

They were watching fireworks in our front yard.

Here’s #5 in a similar pose from 2 years ago.

#4 looking cute.