It’s Raining.. It’s Pouring.. No Fireworks Were Roaring..

Last night we headed over to my friend Kristen’s house to watch

some fireworks.  Her brother in law just became certified (or something

like that) in Pyrotechnics.

We sat down and got ready for the show.. and it started

raining… and raining..

But that didn’t stop us…


Even The Man and #4 and #5 stood in the rain to watch…

until it got so bad.. we had to stop 🙁

Here’s what the weather looks like here… not so good for fireworks..

I take my Photos at Night.. So no one sees…

I’m not going all goth (or is it emo? ) on anyone.. but I really love to take photos at night. It started a couple of years ago, right after I received my camera. I took a few photos just for fun of my kids in the dark.. Anyone who has read my blog knows I’m not a photographer… but I love the way these photos look.

This photo was taken of #5 on the 4th of July two years ago.

#1 looking like she’s ready to say something prolific.

When I take these, I just point in the direction the people are… and have the flash on.

Sometimes they look really neat, other times funny.. and sometimes just bad.

She could be praying that I don’t take her photo.. or she might be asleep.

#3 looks abused in this photo.. but she really just got done yelling at #2.

Here’s #3 and her Best Friend. They are pretty cute huh?

I love the way the black surrounds the photo and just lights them up.

There is probably a special name for this.. but as I said.. I’m not a photographer.

Here’s #1, #4, #5..

They were watching fireworks in our front yard.

Here’s #5 in a similar pose from 2 years ago.

#4 looking cute.

Independence Day without the Picnic

I’m not really an outdoor eater. I realize that’s a bizzare way to start a blog, but when I think of Independence Day I think of eating outside. While other kids were wanting to go on picnics and play outside… I was dreaming of air conditioning and I Dream of Jeanie reruns.

My 4th of July was perfect. I didn’t go on any picnics, and I only had to sit outside for just a little while. 🙂

Here’s our day..

While I was inside making strawberry and coconut ice cream.. the kids were lighting fireworks.

Fireworks are not my thing either. Don’t get me wrong.. I love to go to family & city displays

in parks and backyards. It just makes me one nervous momma to think my

kids are that close to gun powder.

Even with The Man supervising.

After dinner and close to dusk we headed to the Maris De Cygne.

(If you think you’ve see this river before in my blog, you have.. here)

Here’s an almost full moon, and part of downtown Ottawa Kansas.

Besides the fireworks.. it’s always good to sit on the levy with friends and

eat a little DQ. Here’s The Man, #5, #1 and a partial #2… waiting for the show.

Here they are in numerical order.. 4, 3, 2 and 1.. ( with the Kangaroo on her lap)

Do you want to know if it’s going to rain? Look at #1’s bangs.. they curl up like a kewpie doll.

#5 chillin’ in his “My Mom Rules” t-shirt.

#4 looking cute.

The Fireworks start!

By the time the show’s over and we get home.. it’s after 10pm.. but the kids want to

shoot our “night” fireworks off.

Here they are jumping so fast you can’t see them move.. let’s try this again.

That’s better..

Whoo-hoo.. here’s our night fireworks.

Here’s the Man.. taking his loot out to fire off for the kids.

We had fountains..


and this cool thing.

How was your 4th of July? What did you do?