Do Children Shop for Items on eBay?

If you follow my blog you know I like to pick 5 things I want on Etsy or eBay.. but today I thought I would pick out the 5 things my kids want on eBay. I think you just might be surprised at their choices, or you might realize how spending their formative years with me has warped them. I knew The Man should have been a stay at home dad…

#1’s Selection…

Glassactcc Focal Bead. This bead is called Witch Crash.

#1 loves lampwork or hand made glass beads. She wanted

a Halloween or Twilight set. Sadly there were none listed on eBay today 🙁

#2’s Selection..

Uniden BCD996XT Digital Mobile Scanner with 25,000 Channels and GPS Support.

I have no idea why #2 wants a Police scanner.. but I’m pretty sure it will only add to his


#3’s Selection…

Huge Lot of American Girl Doll Clothes. #3 LOVES her American Girl Doll.

I’m pretty sure I would have wanted one when I was her age too.

#4’s Selection:

#4 would love a remote control Helicopter..

I’m sure he’ll put an eye out with it.

#5’s Selection:

#5 Wants this Ben 10 watch..

He love’s this show.. When I go to Target he

reminds me I need to get him one.