Please Be Responsible for Your Children

You know that old saying.. “There is one in every crowd”.. I’m not sure that applies to my family. I think for some reason the combination of The Man and my genes have made our children weird.  If there is a ruckus going on.. my children are some how involved.

Before going into this really cool toy store at Crown Center I saw

this sign.  Apparently #3 saw the sign too.

pleaseberesponsible4I think he just wanted a picture with Hello Kitty.

Exactly.. point out the obvious #4.

Closing the door is not going to help, #5.  By the way.. nice Ben 10

jacket and Omnitrex watch.

Halloween.. it’s not just about the Candy!

This Halloween there was a lot of debate on what #3 wanted to be. First she wanted to be a gumball machine… I had no idea how I would even ATTEMPT to make that. Then she wanted to be a witch, but that idea fell through. We finally decided on a peacock.

I think the only reason she wanted to be a peacock? The eyelashes..

Pretty Groovy um.. Peacock-ish huh?

We made a tutu in navy, light blue, gold, green and purple.. added some peacock

feathers to her hair and behind her back.. and Bob’s your uncle… she was a peacock.

#4 and #5 wanted to be Mario and Ben 10. Mario is from the Nintendo

fame.. and Ben 10 is well, Ben 10 from the Cartoon Network show.

That Mario.. he’s so cute! I’m pretty sure his favorite part was

the mustache I drew on!

Here’s #3 and her friends getting ready to go take on the town.

Don’t you think #5 has a pretty big bag to fill?

Isn’t this the best looking Ben 10 you’ve ever seen?

Crafts Can Keep Kids Busy for a Minute or Two..

#5 LOVES super heros. You know Batman, Spiderman, Transformers, Ben 10 etc.. I bought him a Halloween beaded necklace at Michaels today.

Here he is in his transformers t-shirt with is Ben 10 alien catcher watch on.

He strung the beads this way

He strung them that way.

He didn’t like this pattern.

After several attempts he finally made one he liked.

Cute huh? and only $1.00!

Nice Bat Necklace #5!

Do Children Shop for Items on eBay?

If you follow my blog you know I like to pick 5 things I want on Etsy or eBay.. but today I thought I would pick out the 5 things my kids want on eBay. I think you just might be surprised at their choices, or you might realize how spending their formative years with me has warped them. I knew The Man should have been a stay at home dad…

#1’s Selection…

Glassactcc Focal Bead. This bead is called Witch Crash.

#1 loves lampwork or hand made glass beads. She wanted

a Halloween or Twilight set. Sadly there were none listed on eBay today 🙁

#2’s Selection..

Uniden BCD996XT Digital Mobile Scanner with 25,000 Channels and GPS Support.

I have no idea why #2 wants a Police scanner.. but I’m pretty sure it will only add to his


#3’s Selection…

Huge Lot of American Girl Doll Clothes. #3 LOVES her American Girl Doll.

I’m pretty sure I would have wanted one when I was her age too.

#4’s Selection:

#4 would love a remote control Helicopter..

I’m sure he’ll put an eye out with it.

#5’s Selection:

#5 Wants this Ben 10 watch..

He love’s this show.. When I go to Target he

reminds me I need to get him one.