5 Things I want RIGHT NOW on eBay

It’s been a while since I’ve day dreamed about a few things I’d like to have on eBay… So here they are:

1. This is stupid.. but it’s what I need this VERY second.. Advantage Flea Treatment for Kittens. I’m pretty sure the kittens I rescued have fleas..

2. #4 and #5 could use one of these. I’ve been looking for one for a LONG time.. You see I bought the cars for this, but not the track. I thought we could use the track we have.. but we can’t… it’s a special track that Brio doesn’t make any more..

3. I’m not sure this would classify as a need.. but these are pretty wicked awesome handmade beads.

4. I don’t know where I would wear these.. or why.. but I love them! Lulu Guinness Poppy Boots. They would make me like 5’3!

5. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time. American Bisque Polka Dot pig cookie jar.