How can a Simple Blanket Create SO many eBay Problems?

This looks like a simple chenille blanket huh?  I had 3 of them at one time.

They were perfect, new and in the original packaging.

Super soft an a very nice shade of chocolate brown.  I sold all 3 of them.  Here’s my eBay ad:

Up for auction is a very nice NEW Luxury Chocolate Brown Chenille Throw Blanket.</P>

  • NEW
  • HEAVY thick blanket
  • chocolate or deep dark brown
  • dry clean only
  • retails 120.00
  • 50×70
  • The fringe is  LONG (about 6″) and  will arrive slightly tangled.
  • Shipping is Free!

So why would anyone be upset at this blanket?  It’s brand new, free shipping, color was

accurately represented.. what could it be?  Out of the  3 that I sold I received a neutral

and a negative from the buyers.  Do you have any idea what ticked them off so bad?