For All the Clown Lovers.. or Not

We have this family friend P*Tricky. (you can read about him HERE.) He doesn’t like clowns.  No.. I’m serious. He really doesn’t like clowns.

scary clown quilt

While working at the rummage sale we found this lovely wall quilt.  We did not get it for him.. But someone thought we should..  I’m not saying who.. but they are smiling like the Cheshire Cat..

Happy Birthday P*Tricky!

Today is P*Tricky’s 25th birthday.  For those of you who do not know

who the infamous P*Tricky is.. he’s kind of going out with #1…

don’t believe me?  I have proof..

They look cute huh?

Here’s one of my favorite photos of him.. I like to call this Ginger with

a ginger.

Did you know he plays the organ?  He’s a pretty jammin’ organ player at that.

He also model’s eBay stuff. Love the glasses P*Tricky!

Here’s my favorite photo of him.. (and it just happens to be with yours truly…)

Happy Birthday P*Tricky… we’ll be having Lasagna soon!

The Four Stages of Face Paint

I have these photos floating around on my  computer, and I’m not sure what to do with them.  All I know is that one night #1 and P*Tricky came home looking like this.  Apparently they were accosted by some psychic face painter at the Westport Flea Market.  Whatever it was.. I’m impressed that P*Tricky managed to hold on to his man card even with a star on his face.

Here are the Four Stages of Face Painting….



Shock and Awe..