Rain.. Rain.. Go Away..

It’s been raining here all day.  Normally that shouldn’t be a reason to NOT post a blog.. but with me it is.  I may have told you that I live out in the country.. and because of that, my only options for internet are Satellite.  The rain has let up for just a bit, so I am going to post a couple of photos of my roses.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better rain-free day.

beautiful roses

These really are *that* bright of a pink.

April Showers… bring May Flowers.. I hope..

Here is a photo of the “low water bridge” that leads to my home.

We had an incredible amount of rain this week and it took my low

water bridge from this…

To this..

Just in case you are wondering.. that is about 8ft deep.

We have creeks that run on both sides of our property.  This creek

is at the front of our land.  It’s normally just a little babbling

brook.. with water only about an inch deep.  Here it’s probably

6 feet deep.

It’s Raining It’s Pouring

Thunderstorms in Kansas happen frequently. Yesterday’s storm came fast and hard.

This storm was weird.. because it had hail, hard rain and the sun.

Here’s number #3 just sticking her toe in the rain.

#2 has no problem getting wet.

I will never understand this kids fascination with hail..

It’s just ice..that falls from the sky right?

What a strange kid..

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