Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 21: A Favorite Photo of Myself

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is a favorite photo of myself.  I don't really think I have that many favorite photos, but here are a couple of my favorite.

happy birthday to me, 3 year old birthday

This is the one of the only photos I have of myself when I was little. It's one of my favorites because I think it looks a lot like my kids.

Here's a couple of my runner ups.

The Man and me 🙂

A blurry photo of #1 and I laughing.

#6 when he was just 5 days old.

This photo takes me back to the day I checked out of the hospital.. but had to leave my little muffin there.

This photo is just a months later  when he was home in my arms.

**if you are one of my children and you are reading this.. just know I have a photo of us together.. but I'm trying to switch my computer over to a new one.. and I can't find anything.  Love .. Your Mother 🙂

Wednesday’s To Do..

words to live by

Do no spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.  ** I remind myself of this everyday. 

Wednesday's To Do..

  • exercise
  • School the monkey's
  • upload photos for church @Walgreens
  • Work on church bulletin boards
  • take check by Nancy's
  • library
  • work on youth group stuff
  • laundry
  • Youth Group
  • Take #2 to a meeting
  • finish school room and take photos
  • Dinner= something out
  • Help # 1 with planing of Wed and babysitting thing
  • Work (SOME MORE) on confirmation class
  • Call Nazarene Church about Girl Scouts
  • lesson plans
  • Fix gallery photos
  • write up books for a friend have #1 write up the books.. I stink at it!
  • send in Netflix stuff & change q
  • Find time to SERIOUSLY Clean out the kitchen cabinets

Rain.. Rain.. Go Away..

It’s been raining here all day.  Normally that shouldn’t be a reason to NOT post a blog.. but with me it is.  I may have told you that I live out in the country.. and because of that, my only options for internet are Satellite.  The rain has let up for just a bit, so I am going to post a couple of photos of my roses.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better rain-free day.

beautiful roses

These really are *that* bright of a pink.