What Sells on eBay? Vintage Swimsuits

I love this suit. I'd never wear it.. but it's neat. When I clicked on the

auction, I thought it was for *the* suit Marilyn Monroe wore.. as it

turns out it is just *like* the suit she wore.

Vintage 40’s 50’s Catalina Marilyn Monroe Bathing Suit SOLD $524.35 by eBay Seller thegivingtree1 Check it out HERE

How cute is this suit? It has cute little gingerbread men on it!

Do You Know The Muffin Man Vintage Catalina Swimsuit SOLD $430.00 by eBay Seller MSWUFF Check it out HERE

Hello Red Bikini!

Knockout Vintage 40’s 50’s Satin Bikini Bathing Swim Suit SOLD $300.00 by eBay Seller *happybirthdaymrpresident* Check it out HERE

If you are not Michael Phelps.. please don't wear this..

NWT Vintage Men’s USA Flag Speedo Bathing Suit 34 SOLD $250.00 by eBay Seller Taggie-sanders Check it out HERE

CUTE! I love the blue.

1950’s Vintage Kamehameha Swim Suit Playsuit and Coverup SOLD $180.50 by eBay Seller buttonsandaprons Check it out HERE