Spring Break Kids Scrapbook…

A few weeks ago I found a really cool travel scrapbook from the early 1960's.  My sweet #4 is going on a trip with his godmother to Mississippi and I thought it would be fun to get him one… except they don't really make those anymore.   So I made him one. (photos of the one I found in a antique mall below)


Leaving for their trip!

I bought him several things to do in the car, but I thought I would make him a little journal-game thing to take with him too. 

I bought this notebook because it had the rings we could add and subtract what we needed from the book.

Line and Dot drawings

The License Plate Game

Scavenger Hunt…


The Cow Game… he's still looking for the "Peg leg Man". 

(I know I spelled "cemetery" wrong.. I fixed it after I took the photo )

I included some jokes to tell and  some ideas of what to take pictures of… I even included stuff he thought would sell on eBay. 🙂

When he comes back home, we will develop his photos and put the stuff all in the book for him to look at years to come.  Have you done anything like this for yourself or one of your kids?

Here's the cool vintage scrapbook that gave me the idea: