Harley Davidson Jackets Look Good on everyone.. Right?

I’m not sure what to call this blog post.. The photos are blurry and out of focus. But they are classic to what my family is. I laugh looking at them. Here’s the background:

I bought a pretty cute Harley Davidson Jacket at a auction. I didn’t buy it for #2. I bought it for #4… when he was a baby.. I forgot about it, found it in the back of the closet, and got it out for #5 to wear. #5 wouldn’t wear it, so #2 tried it on. He was laughing so hard and moving so fast the photos are blurry and out of focus.

Don’t you like how it belts around him?

Showing his muscles..

#2’s best side?

The moral of this tale? Don’t tell #2 he can’t do something..

Oh.. and he even though this kid eats me out of house and home.. he needs to eat a sandwich!

(see definition of eat a sandwich)

Since #5 won’t wear the jacket, I guess I will be putting it up on eBay.