It’s Going to Be a MESSY Day…

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

1.  School the monkeys..

2.  Send Article in

3. Check on Mission Fish Status

4. Buy snacks for Spring Break Youth Work Day

5.  Paint Clean and work on new church building with my favorite Youth Group

6.  Dinner.. Pizza.. with the Youth Group

7  Change 900 listings and their store categories (on going process)

8. Wii Fit 30 minutes

9.  Finish About Me page for Charity Auction

10.  Start #3’s father daughter dance dress.

11.  Call Dentist

12.  make Dr’s appt’s

Tabled Items

1. Order Confessions Book for youth group  (sold out.. check back later)

2. work on the Cooking Blog

3. stretch and block my friend’s needlepoint

4. finish #1’s Coat (make button holes)

5. make lining for the felted purse #1 gave me