Gary Lezak meet Lucy VanPelt…on a Snow Day

My boyfriend Gary Lezak told me there would be snow… but I didn't believe him.  I'm ready for spring.  I'm ready for these…


Oh.. and these…

These were all taken from  my garden last summer. I miss summer.

Ok.. back to reality.. This is what I woke up to this AM..

It's like a snow globe…

It's like a winter wonderland…

This snow is fluffy and I think we have about 3" so far.

I love the way the snow is sitting perfectly on this vine.

Here's a close up of the woods next to our house.

The photo looks blurry because of the snow.  You know that

kind of snow that looks like BIG Charlie Brown snow flakes?

Charlie Brown always had the big snow.

Here's something I'm sure you always wanted to know..

Of all the fictional characters.. #1 thinks I'm Lucy VanPelt.

I wonder why that is?  I give good advice?  I tell it like it is?

I'm in love with a pianist? or I pull footballs out from under people?

My favorite.. a Snow Angel Pig…