It’s Raining.. It’s Pouring.. No Fireworks Were Roaring..

Last night we headed over to my friend Kristen’s house to watch

some fireworks.  Her brother in law just became certified (or something

like that) in Pyrotechnics.

We sat down and got ready for the show.. and it started

raining… and raining..

But that didn’t stop us…


Even The Man and #4 and #5 stood in the rain to watch…

until it got so bad.. we had to stop 🙁

Here’s what the weather looks like here… not so good for fireworks..

And a Good Spring Day to You!

This morning I thought I would wake up and see this…

Maybe I should re-state that.  I thought it was going to be the first day of spring,

and if I drove to the back field I would see baby cows… Instead this is what I saw….

There’s about 6″ here so far… What is going on in the world? Why

is it snowing like this in KANSAS on the first day of spring?

Yesterday my iron basket was BEGGING to have flowers planted in it..

now look at it..  Full of snow.  I know my boyfriend, Gary Lezak

says it has something to do with el nino.. but really.. it’s suppose to be SPRING!

We looked out back and saw Mr. Bigglesworth inside the smoker.

Don’t feel bad for the cat.  He’s an inside cat (when he wants to be).

He’s hunting… You see what the photo doesn’t show is hanging from

the tree above him is a bird feeder.  I made a mouse only rule

for him, but like all species that lives in my home he’s disobedient.

I hope spring is more “Spring-Y” where you are!

Gary Lezak meet Lucy VanPelt…on a Snow Day

My boyfriend Gary Lezak told me there would be snow… but I didn't believe him.  I'm ready for spring.  I'm ready for these…


Oh.. and these…

These were all taken from  my garden last summer. I miss summer.

Ok.. back to reality.. This is what I woke up to this AM..

It's like a snow globe…

It's like a winter wonderland…

This snow is fluffy and I think we have about 3" so far.

I love the way the snow is sitting perfectly on this vine.

Here's a close up of the woods next to our house.

The photo looks blurry because of the snow.  You know that

kind of snow that looks like BIG Charlie Brown snow flakes?

Charlie Brown always had the big snow.

Here's something I'm sure you always wanted to know..

Of all the fictional characters.. #1 thinks I'm Lucy VanPelt.

I wonder why that is?  I give good advice?  I tell it like it is?

I'm in love with a pianist? or I pull footballs out from under people?

My favorite.. a Snow Angel Pig…

Cloudy Days & Friday’s Always Get Me Down


                                                                    Too cute!  Baby Degus.. Any body want one or two?

I thought I’d start this entry off with something cute.  We have 8 of these little buggers at our house.  Many of you are saying; "Why on God’s green earth would you have 1 of those things in your house, let alone 8?"  I can only say that I am a complete sucker. My mother would only let us have a dog as a kid, so I pretty much say yes to everything but spiders and snakes when my kids want something.

It’s a very dreary day here in Kansas… we are expecting 8"-12" of snow.. (according to Gary Lezak)  My stairs are a bit icy which makes me not want to go to the store. I sent a long list to The Man, in hopes he would go to the store for me.  Something you should know about The Man.. he would go to the store for me no matter how long he’s been at work. He’s nice like that.

I’ve written up ALL of these jeans today..

It doesn’t look like much, but there were about 25 pairs of jeans in there.  Don’t ask me if I think they will sell… Because I have NO IDEA in today’s current econonmy.

I also have this stuff to write up:


This picture doesn’t reveal much of what I have does it?  There’s that Read with me DVD, the pink ribbon which is attached to some shoes.. I’m not going to share the shoes with you. You all appear to be gentle, kind readers. I don’t think you are ready for those shoes…  But see all the plastic bags?  Those are FULL of flatware.

Back in the days when eBay was king, I would buy every piece of silverware or flatware I could get my hands on. Rachel, the shipping manager also doubles as the guru of flatware patterns… she can name a silverware pattern from 100ft.  Ok.. she can’t do that, because she has the vision of a 55 year old man.  But if you put a piece of silverware in her hands she can name the pattern.

Anyone want to see a photo of the shipping manager?
                                                                                    What is wrong with her?

Someone needs to snap a real photo of her. I’ll get her brothers right on it.  Watch out Rachel, you have a bounty on your head.. I’m paying a Nutty Bar to anyone that get’s a photo of the elusive shipping manager.  Photos to come…